Balloon Brigade After Party Upcycle: Episode 1

Give your balloons a second life with up-cycling. This week we show you how to turn your used balloon into an award ribbon. This could be a fun way to say “thanks” to guests or another way to turn a house-hold project into a game with different award categories.


  • Your used mylar balloons
  • Tape, we recommend finding a plant-based or recycled-material tape like this Eco-Magic Tape by 3M
  • Scissors
  • Marker or Gel Pen. I personally love gold gel pens with bold tips like these by Uni-Ball
  • Two different colors of scrap construction or craft paper


  • Deflate and remove the string from your balloon.
  • Cut down the seam of your ballon so you have two balloon halves
  • Cut two 3-4 inch diameter circles out of your craft paper
  • Write your award name on one of the circles , flip the circle so the name is facing down
  • Cut another two circles from your accent colored paper that are slightly bigger than the first set of circles
  • Take one of the halves and cut 20 strips about a .5 inch thick and 5 inches long (deviation along the balloon is OK!)
  • Take one of your balloon strips, fold it in half the long way and tape the loose edges of the strip to the circle back (repeat until you have made a perimeter of balloon)
  • Add a second layer of balloon strips the same way you did the first, layering in the second so that they “peak” out from the first layer
  • Add the other circle of construction paper to the back to tidy up the ribbon’s back giving you space to add a safety pin, magnet, or piece of tape
  • Now for the bottom half of your ribbon, cut 1 4-5 inch x 2 inch strip of craft paper, along one of the short end in-cut a triangle or “v-shape”
  • Cut 1 piece of balloon slightly smaller than the paper piece created in the step above and tape it to the top
  • Create balloon material fringe by “curling” the mylar as you would wrapping ribbon
  • Tape the ribbon bottom to the top and add your balloon fringe
  • Now, you’ve got a “winner!”

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