An Everlane Environment

Michael Preysman, who founded clothing line Everlane, thinks a lot about the world’s oceans. The first collection, denim, focused on making a product that would lessen water pollution from dye and chemicals. When they added silk shirts to the mix, they were labeled as made from “clean silk” materials, with the same idea.

Very recently, Everlane debuted their latest sustainable idea, ReNew, which features clothes made from recycled plastic. Over three million plastic water bottles from landfills and beaches in Taiwan and Japan have been rescued and repurposed into synthetic fabrics due to this initiative.

“Plastics live forever,” says Preysman “Once you create them, they never go away.”

And boy, is he right. In October of 2019, following a United Nations initiative, 250 major brands pledged to cut single-use plastics from their supply chains and replace them with natural or recycled ones.

Aligning with any brand that prioritizes the environment is admirable and Balloon Brigade is no different. Today we clean the harbors,  who knows, maybe tomorrow we repurpose our findings into the zippers of your jacket. With your help, anything is possible.

“Companies are responsible, in our opinion, for doing the right thing,” says Preysman. “If they’re not making changes to their supply chain, then they’re actively choosing to put profit over the planet.”

Become a member of our non-profit today and gain clarity in knowing you’re making a difference. 

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