When you’re doing battle with a feral foil balloon, you’d better have the right arsenal. Balloon Brigade relies on fully-customized, semi-auto assault nets to get the job done right. The awesome BFN-7000 for long range retrievals and its slightly smaller cousin, the BFN-5400 for close quarters engagements. Balloons may enter, but they never exit. It’s fast, painless, and humane. So far, they have a perfect record. Not even one wild balloon has ever managed to defeat them. 

Head Width: 22in.
Head Height: 23in.
Net Depth: 2ft. 3in.
Net Tensile Strength: Maybe a billion.

Construction: The backbone of the BFN-7000 is the PowerCore™ shaft. Handmade from locally-grown, organic, bamboo, the PowerCore adds strength and flexibility in a sustainable, waterproof delivery system. Around the PowerCore we’ve wrapped MegaGrip™, a military-grade, paracord winding in a patent-considered, spiral pattern based on Fibonnacci’s Golden Ratio. Even when you rip, MegaGrip won’t slip. Finally, the MegaGrip is sealed with a DiamondDawg™ resin coating. Scientifically approaching the hardness of an actual diamond†, DiamondDawg coating is durable, UV resistant, waterproof, and easy for even wet paws to hang onto. The end cap is, you know, pretty standard, one-piece, CNC-machined, weapons-grade aluminum.


Overview: The BFN-7000 represents the pinnacle of high-performance, low-footprint, balloon-retrieving technology. Hand-fabricated using a proprietary hybrid technique, the BFN-7000 boasts composite construction utilizing both space-grade and old-world materials.