Balloon Brigade After Party Upcycle: Episode 3

Give your balloons a second life with up-cycling. This week we show you how to turn your used balloons into a Fiddle Fig Tree piece of kitchen art. We suggest limiting the color palette while having fun with color and shape. You can make the piece as big or small as your space allows. Best of all, it keeps another balloon from wrecking havoc on our marine habitats.


  • Your previously used mylar balloons (2-4 different colors)
  • Tape, we recommend finding a plant-based or recycled-material tape like this Eco-Magic Tape by 3M
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • 8.5 x 11 craft paper
  • A gold gel pen


  • Deflate and remove the string from your balloon.
  • Cut down the seam of your ballon so you have two balloon halves.
  • Cut 5-7 leaves from your primary color mylar
  • Cut 5-7 accent “shadows” from one of your secondary colors of mylar
  • Cut 5-7 accent “highlights” from your remaining color of mylar
  • Cut 1 square from a complimentary color of mylar
  • Glue the square piece of mylar to the bottom of your piece of paper
  • Using your pen, draw a tree stem and a few branches
  • Glue your leaves, shadows, and highlights into place

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