Balloon Brigade After Party Upcycle: Episode Four

Give your balloons a second life with up-cycling. This week we show you how to turn your used balloons into a patriotic, 4th of July wall-hanging or mobile. You can make the decoration as big or small as your space allows. You can even hang it on your door. Best of all, it keeps another balloon from wrecking havoc on our marine habitats.


  • Your previously used mylar balloons (red, white, and/or blue if possible)
  • Tape, we recommend finding a plant-based or recycled-material tape like this Eco-Magic Tape by 3M
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • A piece of used card-stock or cardboard. I am using an old calendar in this video.
  • A small dowel rod. The one featured is 6-inches.
  • String and/or yarn


  • Deflate and remove the string from your balloon.
  • Cut .5 inch strips of balloon.
  • Use your card-stock or cardboard to cut-out 5-pointed stars. I am cutting free-hand; you can also trace and cut-out perfect stars.
  • Adhere the strips of balloon directly to the dowel rod, or use a piece of card stock as a thin, envelope that can hold more glue and keep the edges looking crisp.
  • Adhere your stars to a piece of clear craft wire or colorful string/ribbon if you prefer.
  • Tie the top of this craft wire to your dowel rod or glue it in.
  • Take a piece of ribbon and tie one end to each side of the dowel rod, leaving the tie relaxed enough for you to create a triangle shape when you hang it from the wall or a hook.
  • Happy July 4 Everyone!

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