Plan Your Party with Paper Lanterns

If you’re planning a party, consider decorating your event with paper lanterns instead of balloons. Rice paper decorations are biodegradable and often made from recycled materials. They look great and are easy on the environment.

You can find rice paper lanterns in a variety of colors and sizes. Add your own flare by hanging paper tassels, adding flowers, or decorating with colored pencils. You can even transform your paper lantern into a jellyfish, octopus, or puffer fish. The sky, or the sea, is the limit with paper lanterns.

DIY jellyfish paper lantern by paper & ink

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Looking for step-by-step instructions:

Make Life Lovely shares this how-to for making a flower paper lantern: DIY flower paper lantern.

Paper & Ink shows you how to make a jelly fish paper lantern here: DIY jelly fish paper lantern.

Your commitment to celebrating responsibly assists Balloon Brigade in its efforts to rid the Sea of balloons and balloon debris.

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