Seas your party with these paper boats.

We love these paper boat garlands by Satsuma Design. You can easily give your party a nautical feel and customize the color palette to match your theme or space.

The only supplies you need are paper, scissors, glue/tape, and tooth-picks.

Not only are they fun and ocean-themed, if made from uncoated paper, these boats are 100% biodegradable. We recommend this paper from Mulberry Paper that is handmade in Nepal from entirely renewable resources. Called the “Nepal Paper Plant,” all Nepalese Lokta paper is made from the Lakota bush that regrows in 4-6 years. No giant trees are felled for this paper.

As for glue/tape, support independent shop owners by purchasing an entirely natural glue from Let Petit Matisse or make your own.

For simple instructions and a how-to video, visit Satsuma Design.

Let us know how your party turned out #partyresponsibly for a chance to win a Balloon Brigade t-shirt.

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