Show us the data.

In order to increase awareness and drive change, the 5 Gyres Institute is using big data to clearly illustrate the abundance of litter and human debris that is strewn across Los Angeles.

25 community and environmental groups banded together to collect and survey 15 different city districts across the greater Los Angeles area. This included urban areas as well as beach communities.

Cigarettes, plastic, and food wrapping topped the list of items found, accounting for over half of all garbage in the Los Angeles area. Six of the top brands collected in the TrashBlitz survey were cigarette companies with Marlboro, Camel, and Newport leading the list. McDonalds, Wrigley, and Starbucks sat on top for other brands.

While Ocean clean-up wasn’t part of this survey, we can testify to the abundance of balloons and balloon debris that floats in our local waters. Just last weekend, Balloon Brigade pulled up nearly 20 balloons.

See our Instagram feed for the latest invasive species finds: Balloon Brigade on Instagram.

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