The Myth and The Giant Squid.

The crew in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea epically described the Giant Squid as, “one frightening Beast!” And not to disappoint, these creatures are as large in reality as they are in myth. Female giant squids measure 43 feet. Males count in at 33 feet. That’s about the size of a semi-trailer. 

In addition, the Giant Squid has eight arms, each lined with hundreds of suction cups that make snatching pray quick and sticky.  You can often tell which other marine life has done battle with a giant squid because they will have succer-shaped scars on their body. Not to be confused with the trendy “cupping” marks that celebs and athletes sport on their backs after therapy sessions.

100s of suckers line the arms of the Squid.

Giant Squids also have the largest eyes of any known species aside from the colossal squid (its bigger, more-seeing cousin). While they may not be able to see the balloons that float on the surface far above them, their ecosystems are being depleted and the fish they eat as pray harmed by human debris.

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