Volunteers removed 18,000 pieces of balloon from the Great Lakes

The oceans aren’t the only bodies of water suffering from balloon debris. A volunteer trash pickup event sponsored by the environmental nonprofit, Alliance for the Great Lakes found more than 18,000 balloons, balloon pieces, or balloon ribbon along the Great Lakes’ shoreline.

These clean-up events took place between 2016 and 2018 with volunteers finding between 4,500 and 7,000 balloons a year.

Volunteers recorded the balloons as part of a balloon pollution survey by the University of Michigan. Anyone who finds balloon debris on the lakes’ waters and beaches is encouraged to add to the survey .

A secondary goal of lake and ocean clean-up is to educate people about balloon debris so when they think of having a party, they consider choosing alternative decorations like flowers or bubbles, re-using mylar balloons, and/or disposing of balloons properly.

Balloons like these end up in our lakes and oceans. Photo by Jonathan Christiansen on Upsplash.

We salute the Alliance for the Great Lakes and their teams of volunteers for successfully removing 18,000 balloon fragments from Great Lakes. To help combat balloon debris in the Pacific Ocean, donate and become part of Balloon Brigade today: Join us here.

Read more about the Great Lake’s clean-up efforts and the larger issue of ballon debris in the Detroit Free Press: Balloon waste found in Great Lakes

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